Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Is A Delicious Invitation For Your Muse

Comfort Zone


Changing your life path is a scary thing. It’s uncomfortable. It hurts. And it’s so tempting to stay in your old ways, in that uncomfortable comfort zone that may not fit your desires anymore but feels comfortably safe. But guess what? If you start walking toward your dream today, a year from now you’ll be amazed at all the miracles you have created. If you succumb to the temptation of the comfort zone, a year from now you’ll be exactly where you are today. So where do you desire to be?

Wild And Free Action Step: Know that just the willingness to release the old creates a beautiful open space that your Muse can fill with new ideas, thoughts and intentions. It takes time to create new habits and thought patterns but every turtle step matters. Today, keep repeating to yourself: “I’m willing to design a new way for myself. I’m willing to release the old and follow the voice of the new.” Everything starts with your willingness to leave the good for the great!

I make up my own colors. I’m me. I’m proud to be a writer.

Proud to be a writer1

My path is not linear. My road is not smooth. My journey is not straightforward. I’m different. Always have been. Always will be. Those who don’t get me are many. Those who do get me are few but precious. I am the best me I can be. I embrace my madness. I own my quirks. I celebrate my highs and lows. I make up my own colors and paint my own world. I create my own destiny. I stay away from crowds. I’m restless. I’m multi-passionate. I am curious. I’m inquisitive. I long to invent. I desire to do things my own way. I make my own rules only to break them. I’m me. I’m a writer.

How To Own Your Dream And Believe You CAN


Whenever the voice of your Ego Mind, the nasty little gremlin, tries to take you out by giving you reasons why your dream can never come true, remember this: You would never ever be given a dream or a desire without also being giving the means to achieve it. As soon as a dream is born, it has your name written all over.

Wild And Free Action Step: Write down your biggest dream, desire or goal. Then write down all the reasons why you think you can’t have it. Really consider them: Can you be really truly one hundred percent sure that these reasons are relevant and true? If not, then it’s time to let them go and replace them with powerful reasons why you CAN.

How To Shift Your Expectations For Joyful Creative Success


If you expect your Creative Path to be hard, if you expect your dreams to never come true, if you expect to never have enough support, if you expect marketing to be exhausting, if you expect to never make enough money doing what you love, guess what you will get? We are limited only by our own expectations, not by our circumstances. Your current circumstances are a direct reflection of your expectations. So what about changing that and expecting something much more Wild and Free from now on?

Wild And Free Action Step: Today practice the art of Wild And Free Expectations. You can start with an easy step. Say to yourself: “I expect this day to flow easily and bring me joy. I’m looking forward to those joyful moments!” You will immediately feel your energy increase. Remind yourself of this power statement throughout the day, and you’ll see how such a simple, upbeat message changes your day.

How To Find The Courage To Follow Your Vision And Turn Your Dream Into A Miraculous Reality

WF 3

Has this ever happened to you? You get a new idea that excites you. You vibrate with energy, and visualizing the end result makes your heart beat faster. It’s so vivid you can almost touch it. You love it, and you know it’s in complete harmony with your soul, with your Inner Being, with your creative Inner Goddess. But suddenly, your inner gremlin, your Ego Mind steps in and says: “I don’t think I could make it happen. It’s too much work. I’m not really that good. There are so many women writers / artists who do this better than I ever will. I wouldn’t make any money doing this. No one would sign up. No one would buy it.” At this point, you’re at the crossroads. Which voice do you choose to listen to?

Wild And Free Action Step: Make a list of all your ideas, goals, wishes, plans, dreams and desires you haven’t acted on. Feel every item on your list and then circle the one that excites you most. Imagine the end result and how amazing it would feel having accomplished this. And promise yourself you will do one simple thing every day for the next 7 days that will move you closer to this exciting bright star. In 7 days, you can be where you are today, or you can be 7 steps closer to where you desire to be. In 7 days, you can be really proud of yourself, energized and excited to carry on for another 7 days. What do you choose?